Sometimes screenshots just don't do it alone. Sometimes you need the epic story behind those screenshots to better understand. Whether it's a funny story, or serious, they all have one.

That's kinda what this blog is for in a way. I love taking screenshots. That and I'd like to share my adventures in Vana'diel with others who would like to read.

By the way, if you took any of that seriously you're retarded.

July 30, 2007

Otakon Distracted Me!

Yeah, totally Otakon's fault. Although one of the main things I was looking for when I went to Otakon I found, so it's all good. I now own a copy of the Misuran Tarutaru doujinshi! >3 /perv

I'm so backed up on screenshots that I need to edit up. I started a few before I left for Otakon, but completely forgot about them. Some really neat one of Nemain Lion in Al Zahbi, my first level 8 Beseiged. Normally I could never get in the zone for one, which really sucked.

Been leveling THF with a static, which is interesting when two people are dual boxing. One dualing the PL and the other dualing his MNK and BRD for exp. Needless to say it's kinda hard to SATA when your tank is dualing as well. Mob kind runs all around and turns every which way.

Oh, I also made a dat before I left for Otakon. Nothing to detailed since I'm a beginner and all. Just a reskinned Scorpion Harness with Vrtra skin. It looks pretty good with the BLU AF. If you want you can download it here: http://www.ffxidats.com/page.php?id=2030

Which reminds me, I need to make it for other races. I had a taru wanting it to be ported, so I might as well do the other races.

Anywho, just wanted to make a quick update. I will finish up those screenshots and post them eventually.