Sometimes screenshots just don't do it alone. Sometimes you need the epic story behind those screenshots to better understand. Whether it's a funny story, or serious, they all have one.

That's kinda what this blog is for in a way. I love taking screenshots. That and I'd like to share my adventures in Vana'diel with others who would like to read.

By the way, if you took any of that seriously you're retarded.

February 05, 2007

Vrtra Vanquished

Everything else we did today doesn't matter much. The main highlight of the day is this battle. See for yourself above or you can download the HQ video here: http://files.filefront.com/ApathyVrtrawmv/;6688384;;/fileinfo.html

But seriously. We had a rather busy day. Tiamat in the morning which I unfortunetely missed cause I was sleeping and later that day some Dynamis-Buburimu. I'll post the screenshots from Dynamis tomorrow. I never got around to them with all this pushing to get the video made. And for the haggling I made an extra bit at the end just for it. >3

But here's some screenshots of the after Vrtra party at the Kokba Hostel!

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