Sometimes screenshots just don't do it alone. Sometimes you need the epic story behind those screenshots to better understand. Whether it's a funny story, or serious, they all have one.

That's kinda what this blog is for in a way. I love taking screenshots. That and I'd like to share my adventures in Vana'diel with others who would like to read.

By the way, if you took any of that seriously you're retarded.

February 04, 2007

Slow Day

Was a rather slow day today. Started out with a Cerberus in the morning adding another Algol to Apathy. And another lost lot to my list. I wasn't feeling all to well so I took a nap after Cerberus. (Sorry, no screenshots from the battle.. wasn't feeling good.)

Once I woke a little more refreshed later on I helped my friend Steve, Darkalan in game, out a bit. Headed out to Valkurm Dunes and power leveled him while waiting for word on Vrtra or another round of Bahamut 2. And yet again, everytime I go to help him something ALWAYS pops... Khimaira decided to rear it's ugly head. So I had to take off. But by the time I arrived it was already claimed by AtG. Rawr... what a waste.

After the long battle another Bahamut 2 round was setup, and yet again the record was broken even further. I sat out once again, I can't remember what the exact time was... I believe it was 1minute and 24seconds or something close. Once again... no Bahamut's Staff. /cry

At this point I was thinking it was a rather unproductive night, and I cannot stand feeling unproductive. So I decided to finish leveling a job I had started months ago and got side tracked from, Dark Knight. Didn't get very far, goddamn Valkurm Dunes. I got from 16-19 having soloed most of it.

Other than that, not much else. Took a couple scenic screen shots and got around to saving some older ones. So here you go.

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