Sometimes screenshots just don't do it alone. Sometimes you need the epic story behind those screenshots to better understand. Whether it's a funny story, or serious, they all have one.

That's kinda what this blog is for in a way. I love taking screenshots. That and I'd like to share my adventures in Vana'diel with others who would like to read.

By the way, if you took any of that seriously you're retarded.

February 03, 2007

Feel the Love

Lots of Love today. Two times the Love! Ok, ok.. enough of the love jokes. If you can't tell by now, we killed Jailer of Love twice today and a Justice. We were hoping that Absolute Virtue would pop, but, he was a no show.

Love was rather generous, though. Giving us 2x Torque, a Novia and Novio Earring. The first popset we did was provided by another linkshell, or well, what remains of it. In exchange for it they would get a Novio if it dropped. Unfortunetely only Novia dropped which was taken instead.

We also hit up a Justice to complete the second popset we used. Our second JoL gave full drops.

After that it was decided that the Bahamut 2 Record we set yesterday was not good enough, and that it must be broken even further. I missed the sign up for it though, because I hopped in the shower after JoL. I made it back in time to idle in the zone incase a Bahamut Staff dropped, which it didn't, but. Well... we killed our record from yesterday. You can see for yourself here thanks to Yokya for taking video.

I just haaaaad to go get a shower... damnit. I could have been in that video, too. ; ;

Ah well, there's always tomorrow.

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