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That's kinda what this blog is for in a way. I love taking screenshots. That and I'd like to share my adventures in Vana'diel with others who would like to read.

By the way, if you took any of that seriously you're retarded.

July 08, 2007

07/07/07 - Lucky 7's

I'm not exactly sure what to say, but we sure got lucky lately. From Aery to Salvage, the luck of 07/07/07 must of truely kicked in for us in Ridexiru.

We'll start with Friday night's Aery camp. Well technically it was Saturday, July 7th. Ever since I arrived here on Bahamut over 2 weeks ago, Fafhogg has been around 3AM EST and hasn't budged one bit. It's been popping last window or second to last EVERYtime. We had two Fafnirs in the week before I believe and were hoping for a Nidhogg. We finally got our Nidhogg claim. Unfotunetely our WHM had fallen asleep and left us hanging with no healer/haster of the tanks but we still pulled through with only one death of a BLM.

While my linkshell was dissappointed in getting yet another pair of Neptunal Legs, I was quiet happy. I wasn't sure who all needed or if I'd even be able to lot, but my heart was kinda racing waiting for the decision. Hearing them talk on ventrilo I just kind of stayed quiet not wanting to speak up about needing them cause I didn't want to ask for something so soon. But Kanivas did it for me and I was told to lot. Finally finished with Hecatomb set! Thank you everyone in Ridexiru~!


Now our luck didn't seem to follow us over into the daytime where we had planned a Jormungand playtime around 12 EST. It seems someone beat us to the big ice dragon. =/ Ah well...


We've been doing Salvage pretty regulary now as well. I believe it was two days ago we finally got a Macha's Coat off the Qiqirn in Arrapago.

The lucky 7's decided to strike again though tonight. We started off with a really crappy cell drop rate as we did on the last Macha's drop run. But it started to pick up and look decent although we were a little behind on time. The first Qiqirn managed to warp after getting a Sleepga off due to a misscommunication causing a preemptive aggro. Things seemed pretty crappy at that point as we fought our way to the next Qiqirn.

So we DoT the little rat and let him run his way over to us where our MNKs began to completely rape him. Expecting it to come back after it's run it's route I stayed by the start waiting to throw Carbuncle on him to make sure he makes it back over to our RDM claimed. Waiting for it to come back I just hear an uproar on Vent and a spam in party chat as I see the text scroll up of a Macha's Coat drop. Our second Macha's Coat in 3 days.

The run's not over yet though. We head up to the Archaic Chariot like normal and expect nothing like normal. Fight went smoothly and everyone expecting an empty loot pool once again gets a surpise and Vent explodes with laughter and "OMG"s. Full 35s drop. Freya legs, Enlil hands, and Hikazu legs.

All in all we've gotten 5 level 35s in three days. And 4 of those came from the same run.


Everyone laughed when I pointed out the fact it was 07/07/07 and about it being lucky 7s after Nidhogg and getting my Neptunal Legs. But I guess the drops from Salvage made them think otherwise. Hey, gotta believe in something.

Here's some extra screenshots I've edited so far. Still got a lot I haven't yet.

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