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That's kinda what this blog is for in a way. I love taking screenshots. That and I'd like to share my adventures in Vana'diel with others who would like to read.

By the way, if you took any of that seriously you're retarded.

June 29, 2007

Fafnir Flails and Tiamat Tales?

It's been a rather interesting week.. to say the least, here on Bahamut. From some fun at Aery with Fafnir to a rather interesting Tiamat in Attohwa Chasm.

The past week in Aery; I think I've seen about 5 or so wipes to Fafnir. One of them even including a flail. I've never seen Fafnir flail personally and I'm kinda sad I missed this one. Right as he flailed he dissappeared from my screen but I did get to see the aftermath of all the bodies on the floor. There were also two almost raged Fafnir's, which would have been a first as well for me to see.

It was rather nice though, seeing the random take place. When the shell fighting is in trouble or looks like they are going to wipe, a /random is proposed in shout to the other linkshells there. Each linkshell then sends a tell to the person who proposed with a representative of their linkshell who will /random. A place is then announced in shout where the representatives gather and a time is called. Whoever wins the random gets Fafhogg when the linkshell wipes and Fafnir goes unclaimed/idle. And whoever had the second highest will get it if that linkshell wipes, and so on.

Unfortunetely we lost every single random, lol. No biggy though. We managed a claim last night which was a really fun fight. We took it from 100% > 0% in about 8 minutes, including the initial sleep at the start while everyone got into position. Was rather amazing. I don't even remember a kill that fast in Apathy, maybe 10 minutes ~ 15 minutes, but never under 10.

So onto Tiamat, which I'm sure people read about on BG forums. Zigma decided we were going to go try Tiamat since the shell fighting it was wiping. But before most of us could get there it was taken by Kazoku(sp?). There was a lot of say drama, the two shells going back and forth at eachother. Some of the other shells there were joining in on it. Then it got even more interesting as Siste, the shell who had claim originally, began to run Tracker Antlions through Tiamat making her spin and run around. In total about 45 minutes of spinning and running Tiamat. Of course the GMs showed up late around the time a lot of people started leaving to head to Dragon's Aery.

So, leaving the Wyrms behind. What else have we been up to.

Ah yes. We did an Omega on Monday I believe. Nothing to interesting, a typical Omega fight. Well, if you don't include the fact it was tanked by RDM/NINs and a PLD. Oh yes, incase I haven't mentioned. We like to tank things with RDM/NINs in Ridexiru. Heck, it seems most of Bahamut does and so far it's been really freaking good.

Other than linkshell stuff, let's see. Been leveling some random jobs. I got MNK13 » 20 in like 2 hours thanks to Pawky's BRD PLing. Heck we even got a Chain 16 at level 16 I think.

Some random BRD leveling which only got it to 68.

I picked up PUP again just for the heck of it. Bought random attachments and picked up the Ranged Frame at 20. It's currently 22 now, god I hate Qufim.

DRK's sitting at 64. Currently seeking party on it but don't think I'll get anywhere tonight before Fafnir.

That's about it for now.

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