Sometimes screenshots just don't do it alone. Sometimes you need the epic story behind those screenshots to better understand. Whether it's a funny story, or serious, they all have one.

That's kinda what this blog is for in a way. I love taking screenshots. That and I'd like to share my adventures in Vana'diel with others who would like to read.

By the way, if you took any of that seriously you're retarded.

June 21, 2007

Goodbye Remora, Hello Bahamut!

For those who don't know or haven't noticed, I've left Remora.

Server transfers became open last night around 2AM after the Registration Maint. was complete and pretty much everyone I had just done Salvage with transfered or is going to today.

First thing I got to do on Bahamut was camp Fafhogg. Would have been a nice first day to come to Bahamut had be claimed Nidhogg when he popped, but we didn't.

I was quite surprised at the random welcomes I was getting when I logged in on my new home. A random /welcome in Whitegate to a /tell from someone in Siste(sp?) welcoming me. It was kinda settling as I was a bit nervous not knowing anyone but Geno and Kanivas who went to Bahamut as well.

People don't crowd Fafhogg, they show enough respect to stand back and watch. They random for claim if the linkshell fighting wipes. This is so different than Remora. Everyone stood on the foot, it was a mass spam and MPK fest...

Anywho. I've been a little busy for me in the last week, sorry for no posts. Still not even done with my art lesson yet despite working on it when I can.

That's all for now. Must get to work.


Jkun said...

Sounds beautiful. Fenrir's endgame is completely monopolised, but I have too many friends here to up and leave. :( Congrats to you though and hope you settle in your new home.

lolkeria said...

Welcome to Bahamut. :3